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Sustainable investing


As the global economy evolves to address sustainability issues, companies that most effectively manage the opportunities and risks it creates should be better positioned for long-term success.

A careful consideration of ESG issues plays a key and integral part in how we unlock sustainable investment opportunities.

What are the ESG considerations?


Environmental (E)

How companies are making an impact on the
environment by the way they manage their
waste, water use and pollution


Social (S)

How companies engage with and impact their
communities, what their labour practices are,
and more


Governance (G)

How a company is governed, what oversight
and controls they have in place,
the diversity of their board, etc.

Adding value through ESG

Asia is increasingly becoming more committed to leadership in ESG, with the region home to plenty of the companies with strong ESG models.


What is a lower-carbon investment strategy?

As climate-related risks materialise and carbon is more effectively priced, a lower-carbon investment strategy could mitigate the downside risks and create opportunities:

Managing climate change risks

Managing climate change risks

Lower the impacts from climate
change risks

Leveraging Green opportunities  

Leveraging GREEN opportunities

Capture opportunities from companies
developing new technologies
to tackle climate change


Staying flexible

Grade companies according to their
carbon intensity to ensure sectors
like energy will not be excluded



Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) as a concept has gained wide currency in recent years. As the financial market attaches increasing importance to it, a growing number of companies also consider the inclusion of ESG factors into their operational principles an imperative. Such strategy helps build a better world, reduce damage to the environment and society, and create wonderful opportunities.

 HSBC GIF lower carbon

HSBC GIF Lower Carbon

Fund brochure

The HSBC GIF Lower Carbon Fund aims to provide long term total return by investing in a portfolio of corporate bonds seeking a lower carbon footprint than its reference benchmark (Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Corporates Diversified Index Hedged USD).

Our achievements


   Lower carbon thematic funds – the    
    one of the first in Hong Kong    

Award logo

Awarded the “Outstanding Sustainable
Investment Award 2019” by Benchmark


Retained A+ top score for responsible
investment strategy and governance in
PRI’s 2018 assessment




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