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  • Asia high yield: Steadier, higher, stronger

    Alfred Mui, Head of Asian Credit, and Geoffrey Lunt, Senior Product Specialist for Asian Fixed Income, highlight the reasons why Asian high yield bonds stand out as an asset class in this market environment and discuss the investment opportunities the team at HSBC Global Asset Management is identifying in this space.
    23 March 2020, 4 minutes
  • Seize income opportunity with multi-asset strategy

    Investors seeking regular potential income could diversify the investment by means of global multi-asset strategy and strive for income by weighing the different distribution policies offered by different share classes based on their financial needs.
    09 December 2019, 5 minutes
  • India - A consumption story redefined by millennials

    Located in South Asia and home to a population of 1.3 billion people, India is the second most populated nation in the world, following closely behind China. But unlike China, India is young, with almost half of its people below the age of 25.
    24 September 2018, 2 minutes
  • HSBC Global Asset Management in Asia: Investing in the world’s future

    Asia ex Japan is today one of the world’s fastest growing regions.
    13 June 2018, 2 minutes
  • Asia Macro Outlook 2019

    In this video, Bill Maldonado, Chief Investment Officer, Asia Pacific, discusses the Asia market outlook for 2019, including opportunities and risks that investors should watch out for.
    28 November 2018, 4 minutes
  • Elevating the game: Asian consumers trade up

    This video examines the trend of Asian consumers trading up their consumption choices and its impact on investment opportunities in the regional markets.
    18 May 2018, 3 minutes
  • Finding value in Asian fixed income

    In this video, Alfred Mui, Director and Head of Asian credit discusses the key factors supporting Asian credit as a compelling asset class that continues to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns to investors in a rising rate environment.
    06 April 2018, 3 minutes
  • Finding value in unloved plays Investing in Asia ex Japan equities

    In this video, Sanjiv Duggal, Head of Asian and Indian Equities shares his views on which Asian equity investments are being undervalued by the market. Sanjiv discusses how, using a disciplined investment approach, he and his team uncover value in mispriced opportunities.
    22 March 2018, 2 minutes
  • Asia: The world's growth engine Investing in Asia ex Japan equities

    In this video, Stephen Kam, Senior Product Specialist, Equities discusses Asia's increasing influence on global economic growth and examines the factors that make Asia ex Japan equities an appealing asset class for global investors.
    15 January 2018, 3 minutes
  • Retirement planning: Why more is more

    Asia’s cost of living has been on a strong uptrend for years, making retirement in the region more challenging than ever before.
    11 December 2017, 4 minutes
  • Chin@ Tech: Go Big, Go 'Smart'

    China’s booming digital economy is one of the key drivers of its economic growth.
    10 October 2017, 4 minutes