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Managed Solutions – Asia Focused Series

HSBC's Managed Solutions – Asia Focused Series are three risk-profiled portfolios designed for investors with different levels of risk appetite – Conservative, Income & Growth.

With the expertise of a trusted investment team, HSBC Managed Solutions portfolios can flexibly invest in different asset classes across the vast Asian ex-Japan region to capture opportunities in various market conditions and cycles.

Our philosophy

Asset allocation drives the bulk of investment return over time; an exposure to a range of asset classes, geographies and currencies - at targeted levels of risk - can lead to attractive, long-term risk-adjusted returns.

Our investment process

  • Disciplined optimisation and rebalancing of portfolios to manage risk/return profiles
  • Flexible asset allocation to exploit shifts in return expectations across asset classes
  • Valuation framework with a robust process to project future asset class returns
  • Implementation that aims to capture beta on a cost-efficient basis
  • Implement a risk-focused portfolio with disciplined rebalancing triggers, using the most efficient instruments from a risk / return and a cost-efficiency perspective

HSBC strengths

  • 60+ investment professionals working in multi-asset across five key locations: London, Paris, Düsseldorf, Hong Kong and Vancouver
  • 20+ years of experience managing multi-asset strategies for institutional and retail investors
  • Our Multi-Asset investment teams benefit from the input of our global investment support teams (asset allocation, macro, portfolio design) but also from our fixed income and equity investment teams