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HSBC Multi Markets Select

Diversified strategy designed for institutional investors seeking absolute returns within a risk controlled process. The risk control process is ‘rules based’ and focuses on limiting downside loss to a pre-agreed level, within a defined time period.

Our philosophy

  • Financial markets are showing excessive volatility
  • A portfolio of assets should be managed on the basis of their contribution to risk
  • It is important a portfolio is managed to risk limits
  • One should not take risk if not feeling comfortable with the positioning or return expectations
  • Customisation of portfolios is important to address institutional needs

Why HSBC Multi Markets Select?

  • Flexible asset allocation and security selection to suit different client needs
  • Strategy’s track record dates back to 2009, and the investment team has had the same two lead managers since inception
  • Competitive features include low level of drawdowns, despite many periods of volatility and excellent risk-reward numbers
  • Uses the global resources of HSBC Global Asset Management, combined with local expertise

Our process

  1. Starting point is risk parity portfolio
  2. Tactical variation
  3. Risk and draw down management

HSBC strengths

  • HSBC Global Asset Management has an extensive experience of dealing with institutions, based on an in-depth knowledge of their investment requirements and client service expectations
  • Strong research teams and proprietary portfolio construction tools support the investment team decision making